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Walk, run, or jog to earn! 

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Transform Your Workouts & Wellbeing

Embark on a transformative journey like no other with FOOTURA, where you own and control your own data on the first Move to Earn and Progress fitness app. FOOTURA rewards you for every step you take towards a healthier, fitter you.

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Move to Progress

Higher Milestones, Bigger Rewards

FOOTURA merges advanced
blockchain technology with AI data-driven,
customized coaching and support.

We're disrupting the "move-to-earn" industry by giving you rewards that are guaranteed to be higher for YOU as you progress on your health and fitness journey.

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Customize Your Fitness Journey

With FOOTURA, you can say goodbye to generic advice and hello to a truly personalized experience.

With our innovative AI technology, we'll provide you with tailored recommendations and personalized insights, ensuring that your health and fitness journey is as unique as you are.

Violet Stars

Get Fit
and Prosper

Stable Financial Incentives That Actually Mean Something

Imagine the satisfaction of not only getting fitter and healthier but also earning valuable, US Dollar-Backed tokens along the way. With FOOTURA, your dedication will be recognized and rewarded, giving you that extra motivation to push harder and achieve your goals. 

By simply using our mobile app, you'll be able to track your progress, set goals, and watch as your efforts translate into real, tangible rewards.

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Empowering People Worldwide

The World’s First Offering of AI Support With Ownership and Control of Data

FOOTURA uses AI technology to support unique user experiences, allowing you to harness the power of data to uncover insights, receive benefits from coaching and recommendations specific to you, all while helping you achieve higher levels of fitness. In a first of its kind, and an audacious offering to the public, FOOTURA gives you decentralized ownership and control of your own data, allowing you to transparently partner with FOOTURA from the beginning.

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